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and theres reason to believe, maybe this year will be better than the last..

to all you loyal lj junkies, i apologize for the hiatus.

im pretty much sure that i've turned into a hermit..if you asked me what the funnest thing i did this vacation was, i would have to tell you it was eating some nice mashed potatoes, with hanging out with my parents as a close second. ouch. so food poisoning is cool? ya i do enjoy throwing up all night and then being confined to my house for three days its a good time. now not to sound too pitty-me here, i've been able to lounge and rest up which is alwayss good right? right.

so 2005 thats neat. i think i'll take that aquafina commercials advice and drink more water for my new years resolution. its my way of making myself believe im healthy without doing any physical work. ha ha. and also i think i'll get straight a's, make lots of friends, and find a cure for cancer. hey no one actually keeps their resolutions, might as well dream big.

one of my most favooorrritteee person's birthday is TOMORROW. the big 1-7. gosh thats old i remember when she was just a wee tyke (tike?) who couldnt hold her bladder. oh wait....

anyway everyone make sure to wish meghan elizabeth kerrigan a very happy birthday tomorrow because she deserves it.

also, (gosh this is getting a bit lengthy huh, fass i know your proud)

where are caitlin and karen? im having a bit of withdrawl here without seeing those two goofs-smooch smooch (:

by the way fass i hope your big W's werent as bad as mine i know what you're going through if you need someone to assure you one day you will be able to eat that hamburger you've been craving.

and for a final thought- is it better to just be happy that you have the person you love, even if you arent sure they love you back as much? hmm (pondering face)

love in '05,
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