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im sinking in im sinking in

wow its been awhile. im not even going to try to recap because its been too long but i will say this much,

vacation: fabulous
retreat: amazing as usual
work: good good good
john mayer: i pee and feel warm and fuzzy just thinking about it
various other events: awesome because i feel like i've been having such a good time lately

in other news, your talking to the newest employee of polo jeans!! thats right! i got a job haha should be interesting.

also in case you might have forgotten MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORRROW!
yay! and the last day of camp is tomorrow too! im actually going to miss it! everyone is so awesome! melfo candiceeee uncle jon lindsay, its guna be weird not being weird with them everyday.

anyway i have things to see and people to do so leave me one and tell me how lifes been treating you.

employed and almost 16,
. L i z .
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August 26 2004, 18:00:40 UTC 12 years ago

HAPPY early 16 liz!! love you! thats awesome u got a job at polo ... that seams to be a popular place to work at. well ttys XoXo Sah-
liz! does this mean discounts... ;)
look at that red head.... she's hott....

and she's almost 16 yay (: