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and the two coins of your eyes...

its saturday. and you know what thats means? cape for a week. ahhhh. (thats me relaxing) the only downside is im not guna see lau when she comes home and i wont be able to see ash before she leaves for camp. however if sarah and i can work something out we will be having an awesome reunion soon ladies.

last night had a nice *double date* with bethy and dan pat and i. we went to see collateral which was..good i suppose. then we went out to eat at TGIF which was yummy and then pat brought us all home.

i just finished packing so im all set to go, i would appreciate some good comments for when i get back. and everyone on the board cant wait for the retreat thursday (: its guna be fun!

ash have fun at camp and lau i miss you so much!!!

meg i guess we'll have to postpone bag making till i get back!! i'll talk to you soon though!

sweet 16 soooooon!!! (:

your summer baby,
. L i z .
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